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This past Labor Day weekend marked the unofficial close of summer. The temperatures were cooler, and as I sat on my deck enjoying the breeze while I watched my neighbors close their pool, I couldn't help but think of fall. Fall pumpkins and changing coppery, golden leaves. Time to go through my sweaters. And my jewelry box...


In the spirit of Fall Clean Up, it's time to open up your jewelry box and clean it out. Broken chains, earrings that are missing their mates, and grandma's outdated pin that you will never ever wear.

Clean it out and cash it in at a place you can trust. Bring it here to J. Albert Johnson Jewelers. We've been in business for over 100 years now and are happy to evaluate your old gold and offer you payment on the spot.

Better yet, we will offer 10% more for the jewelry you are selling if you choose to receive your payment in the form of a J. Albert Johnson gift card! Which is perfect, if you are thinking ahead to holiday shopping. Or, if while you are going through your jewelry box, you notice that you could really use a sapphire necklace and want to treat yourself. Trade in what you are not wearing for something that you will!

Now is the perfect time to bring in your unwanted jewelry! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment to stop by the store.