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Discovered: Your Summer Jewelry Wardrobe

Summer is here! The sun is out and the humidity levels are climbing. This is the time of year we break out our sunglasses and smile, realizing how lucky we are to live near the beach! And you are in luck, because I have the perfect summer bracelets, necklaces and watches to help you accessorize in this heat.

Yes, it's true-- I always tell you not to wear your jewelry to the beach! Today, let me show you a few pieces you can wear at the beach, and some others that are sure to become your go-to favorite pieces for this summer.

If you are anything like me, on your days off you want to hit the beach early. I like to get there before it gets too crowded and before the UV levels get too high. While my husband needs about 20 activities per hour to keep him busy at the beach, I just like to sit there and relax. So my #1 accessory to wear at the beach is my 40Nine watch. Not only does it look great, but it keeps me on time so I don't end up sitting out in the sunshine too long. The 40Nines come in tons of fun, colorful styles (I can even match them to my swimsuits). I give these watches my seal of approval to wear at the beach-- they are water resistant up to 165 feet and the silicone rubber straps are super comfortable and can be wiped down when I get home. Plus, they look great on both me and my hubby!

Another item I love wearing at the beach are my Paris Bracelets. They are a stretchy ribbon bracelet covered in fun patterns of Swarovski crystals. You can wear one or stack them up and wear a couple. As opposed to a sterling silver or gold bracelet, these won't get scratched by the sand or tarnished by the ocean water. The Paris Bracelets are nice and light, which makes they easy to wear, especially on hot days. If they do get dirty, you can just wash them with warm water and let them air dry, and they will be good as new!

My next pick is great to put on when you are leaving the beach. I throw on my beach coverup and grab my sunhat, and put on my Mi Moneda necklace. I wear it on a long sterling silver chain that I can just put on over my head and go. These necklaces are so great because you can change out the coins and have a totally new look! For the summer, I love the mother of pearl coins, made from the inner layer of shells (what could be better to wear with your beachy outfits than shells!). The necklace makes me look put together as I grab a smoothie with some friend and run a few errands after a great morning at the beach.

Lastly, once I go home and shower to get ready for dinner, I can’t wait to put on a fun, colorful necklace. Summer is the perfect time to try out color! My top picks for color are turquoise pieces and pink opal (as you see pictured). Also, as someone who normally wears silver or white gold, I enjoy wearing more yellow or pink gold in the summer!